Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

All too often, health care providers today address a health condition by applying treatment that simply masks the symptoms. At Rejuvenate Health, Moshe Dekel, MD, and Bradley Morris, DC, take a different approach. By using functional medicine at their office in Hilton Head, South Carolina, they identify and treat the root cause of the condition. For this kind of dedicated care, call the office or book an appointment online today.


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Any alternative medicine practitioner here Hilton Head Integrative Medical Clinic will provide their patients with the best options available for care. That includes referring them, when necessary, to experts in nearly every medical discipline. Those are available to us as partners in the Hilton Head community.

We provide: Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women suffering from menopause and andropause. Thermography, a useful and actionable modality that serves as an alternative to conventional image radiation. Complete nutritional care, with goals ranging from weight loss to mitigation of chronic symptom flare-ups. Nutraceuticals, including supplements to boost your immune system and keep your body running at peak capacity. Stress reduction. Oftentimes, we meet our patients when they are seeking a second opinion. That is a normal and healthy way to discover integrative medicine. If conventional medicine is falling short of giving you everything that you need, you should be seeking other opinions. This is not to decry the work of other physicians and care providers. We are certain that all medical care providers are doing the best work that they can do. The difference lies in the philosophy that drives the work. If you see a doctor for a symptom, they will treat that symptom, as they have been trained to do. That isn’t wrong, but it is incomplete. If you see a doctor or health care provider who has been taught a holistic approach, they will treat that symptom, but they will also treat your lifestyle. They will also treat your stress. They will treat your mind, by helping you to better understand your body and what you can do to better it. We call it “complete care,” and there is simply no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the benefits that come with it. That is implicit in the word “holistic” itself; the word refers to a philosophy which understands all parts of a whole being or entity being intimately interconnected. Your body cannot be understood as a collection of parts. It must be understood in its entirety. Only when your body, mind, and spirit are all properly cared for can true health and wellness be found. That is the central guiding principle by which we practice medicine at Hilton Head.

We offer what many call complementary healing, in addition to cutting-edge modern medical care. When those two branches of the health industry – conventional medicine and alternative or naturopathic remedies – are combined, the result is in our name: Hilton Head integrative medical Clinic. Frequently, we are asked if integrative medicine involves ignoring modern medicine and its marvels. The short answer? Holistic medicine is complete medicine. We have a deep understanding of conventional medicine. We simply believe that, in order to best care for our patients, we can leave no stone unturned. To that end, we remain willing to look for holistic and integrative directions to provide our patients with relief from pain, fatigue, lethargy, insomnia, and whatever else is ailing them. What we do here might be termed the “best of both worlds.”

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