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Precision Intestinal Oxidative Hydrotoning

Dirk Yow
Precision Intestinal Oxidative Hydrotoning (PIOHTM): How did I come up with a name that sounds so different from the more usual generic terms? Colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy, high colonic, internal bath or, put simply, “colonic” are some common names for what is often assumed to be the same universal procedure involving the use of water in the colon. In such a procedure, a lubricated tube is inserted into the anal orifice and water is introduced in a series of one or more fills in order to flush the colon.

If you take the time to compare various clinics, spas, and private practices, either by looking at websites or calling and conversing with a hydrotherapist, you will hear such terms as “open system,” “closed system,” and “filtered water,” and sometimes you will even get the impression that the procedure is nothing more than a glorified enema you could do at home. In actuality, procedures can vary dramatically in terms of duration and type, as well as the specialist’s training, techniques, and experience. The core theory and machinations of a PIOH session include the following crucial components: hydration, drainage, and aerobic supplementation.

In the third of a century that I have been working with colon hydrotherapy, I have learned the Holy Grail of an optimal procedure: to use ultra-purified pH-balanced water and nothing else! The water molecule, H2O (H-O-H), consists of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, yet this simple molecular formula alone does not begin to adequately describe water. The colon has an amazing attribute – a unique ability to absorb large amounts of water. This ability is remarkably enhanced by the quality of water used.

Only by maximizing the first major component (hydration) and applying specific techniques can the colon be triggered to drain properly. It may take more than one PIOH session for the body to adapt to the procedure and begin to drain. The crucial drainage response involves peristaltic (muscular wavelike contractions) along with systemic responses (i.e., portal and lymphatic mesentery). These responses can only be verified by a trained PIOH practitioner who observes and compares each individual’s sessions and uses that information to further evaluate the overall influence on the stated health and wellness goals of that individual. The responses can, in part, be used as a way of measuring progress towards those goals.


Aerobic Supplementation
Besides water, oxygen is by far the most important substance an individual requires to maintain and/or recover their health. One of my valued mentors, Dr. William Turska, said “Oxidation is life.” Considered the father of oxygen therapies in North America and, to me, a master of drugless healing, Turska never performed a single hydrotherapy session of any kind. Nonetheless, through his initial guidance and through the experiences accumulated during many years of doing this work, I began to incorporate polyatomic oxygen (a dynamic cascade of bioavailable oxygen in multiple forms) as an effective and efficient component of PIOH sessions that dramatically enhances the body’s ability to detoxify and heal itself. Unfortunately, this third crucial component of PIOH is generally ignored by most colon hydrotherapists.

As a PIOH Practitioner, I integrate these three components (hydration, drainage, and aerobic supplementation) with numerous methods and systems of approach as each individual case dictates. No two colons are exactly alike (in history, diet, constitution; no two individuals are the same), and, thus, I adjust my techniques to fit each client’s individual situation and help him or her reach and maintain optimal quality of health.

PIOH® Services Pricing

Service Charge(*all pricing subject to change)

30 Minute Consultation- $150.00*

2 Hours Session———– $450.00

1.5 Hours Session——— $400.00

1 Hour Session———— $375.00

Additives—————— $170.00

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