Hair Removal Treatments: What Are Your Options?

hair removal

Did you know we can trace the first methods of hair removal back to prehistoric times?

People have been removing their body hair for centuries. Before there was the standard razor, it is believed that civilization used clam shells and sharks’ teeth to shave.

Now we have many different methods to choose from shaving to waxing to high-tech lasers. Hair is a natural part of the body but removing has become a standard practice in today’s society.

If you prefer to be hairless, there are a few different methods that you can use. Some are permanent, and others are short-term solutions.

If don’t know which method is best for you you’ve come to the right place. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about removing your unwanted body hair.


The most common method of removing hair from the body is shaving. It’s likely the first method you learned when you hit puberty. It’s an inexpensive method that you can do at home anytime.

Shaving, as you probably know, is not a permanent solution because the razor cuts the hair off where it meets the skin. The follicle is unaffected, allowing the hair to grow back fairly quickly.


You might not have heard of the DiolazaXL treatment. It is a laser treatment that provides lasting hair removal results.

Laser hair removal is a great option if you’re looking for a more permanent solution. The laser is set at a high temperature and the follicle absorbs the energy.

This damages and destroys the follicle, slowing down the growth process and hopefully eliminating it. If hair starts to grow back in the future, it will be thinner and more delicate.

You can have this treatment on almost any part of the body; under the eye is one exception. It works best on fair skin with dark hair. Before your treatment, it’s important that you avoid the sun or keep the area covered.

The treatment will not only be less effective but it could cause scarring and blistering. You’ll also want to shave the day before your appointment. Shaving 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment will also make the treatment more effective and comfortable for you.

Things to Know

It’s crucial that you don’t wax. Waxing removes the follicle, and the purpose of the laser treatment is to zap it. If it’s not there the treatment won’t work. You may feel discomfort during the treatment, but many places offer cooling solutions which can help minimize the pain.

You may experience tenderness in the treated area, but it shouldn’t last more than a few hours. The same goes with any redness, you can use an icepack to reduce any swelling too. You should avoid working out and sweating as much as possible for 48hours after your appointment.

Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions and you should always have it done by a professional. Depending on your hair type and the area you’re having treated, you’ll need four to six sessions about six weeks apart.

Appointments don’t last long depending on how many areas you’re getting lasered. You could be in and out in under thirty minutes. You can expect to pay about $250 per session, certain areas may cost more or less depending on the size.

Do Your Research

Many places offer a consultation, take advantage of this and make sure you feel comfortable with the esthetician. During the consultation, your esthetician may ask you about any medication you’re taking. This is a normal question and you should answer honestly, some prescriptions can lead to burns or abnormalities.


Electrolysis is similar to laser hair removal in that it damages the follicle resulting in permanent results. This method unlike laser hair removal works on many different skin types, not just light or fair skin.


The price is dependent on the area and the number of sessions. Areas with thicker areas will take longer such as the pubic region, whereas the face may not take as many.  You can expect to pay between $30 and $100 per session.

You may need more sessions than you would if you got a laser treatment so, in the end, it may cost more. However, this is the only hair removal method that the FDA has said is a permanent solution.

How It Works

Your dermatologist will use a machine to insert tiny needles into your skin. The frequencies damage the follicle, which forces the hair to fall out and prevents new growth.

There aren’t a lot of side effects, you’ll likely experience redness, but you shouldn’t have pain. It’s important that you go to an accredited place with experience, as you could get infections from unsterile needles.

One of the downsides of electrolysis is you can’t get a large area done at one time; you’ll have to go back for multiple sessions. You may have weekly or biweekly appointments, which can make scheduling challenging. If you’re looking for lasting results, electrolysis is a great option, you won’t have to have touch-up appointments when you’re done.

Waxing and Plucking

It is possible to do waxing and tweezing at home or by a professional. This treatment is less expensive than DiolazeXL, and you can find waxing kits online. However, it won’t last as long. Results could last two weeks or up to eight weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

This treatment works by removing the follicle which slows down the growth process, it doesn’t destroy it so it will grow back. Tweezing and plucking are typically done on smaller areas such as between the eyes and eyebrows, while waxing can be done on larger areas. It’s recommended that you see a professional for waxing around the genitals.

The wax mustn’t be too hot cause it can cause burns and blisters, and scarring. You shouldn’t have waxing performed on areas of your body that are compromised.

If you have open wounds, rashes, and even sunburns, you should avoid those areas. The wax can be irritating to the skin as well, you may want to test it on a small area first to ensure your skin won’t have a bad reaction.


A great method for shaping your eyebrows is called threading. A technician will use a piece of thread to remove hairs at the root. It’s a quick process and typically is less painful than waxing and tweezing.

While plucking only removes one hair at a time, threading can remove more multiple. You’ll likely need an appointment every 4 weeks, and it could cost you up to $30 per appointment, which can be pricey.

One of the downsides of threading is it’s usually only used on the face. It’s most commonly used for eyebrows but it can be done on the upper lip.

You could experience redness after your appointment, but not many people report other side effects. You’ll want to go to your appointment without makeup, and if you do experience pain after, you can use aloe to soothe your skin.

Prescription Creams

Prescription creams are another alternative, but you’ll need to talk to your dermatologist to see if it’s a viable option for you. Eflornithine is prescribed to slow down the growth of hair, but it isn’t a permanent solution.

You’ll apply the cream twice a day, with about eight hours between each application. You’ll want to leave the cream on for about five hours before showering or getting into a body of water. After a month, your hair growth should be reduced and you won’t have to repeat the process for about six months.

Chemical Hair Removal

If you’re looking for an inexpensive method, you should consider chemical depilation. You can obtain these creams or gels over the counter at your local drug store.

They are made specifically for different areas of your body. Be sure to purchase the right one. Similar to the waxing method, it’s important to do a test to be sure your skin won’t have a bad reaction, such as a rash or blistering.

The mixture weakens the keratin in your hair. This method doesn’t target the follicle either, so hair will grow back typically after two weeks. These creams are for external use only, and it’s crucial that use caution when applying to the pubic region.


Sugaring has become more and more popular in recent years. It can be confused with waxing, but we’re going to tell you why it’s different, and it might be a better option for you.

When you get waxed, the wax is spread on your skin in the direction the hair grows and then ripped off the opposite way. If you get a sugar waxing, the solution will be spread on in the opposite direction of your hair growth and then pulled off the way your hair does grow.

This helps ensure some of the hair doesn’t break off. Sugaring also reduces the amount of skin that is pulled off in the process.

How Long Does It Last

Similar to waxing, how often you receive treatment is dependent on how fast your hair grows, which varies from person to person. Typically results will last three weeks but can last up to eight.

You may be wondering what the sugar solution consists of besides sugar. They typically only have sugar, water, and lemon. The ingredients are heated up and made into a sticky solution similar to a thick syrup.

The mixture is cooled, which reduces the risk of burns and irritation. You can have sugaring done to the same places as waxing, including the faces, underarms, legs, and back.

Before going to your appointment, be sure your hair is grown out a few millimeters. This will ensure the mixture will stick to the hairs.

If you’re concerned about pain, you can ask a professional at the med spa about numbing creams or gels. It’s also important that you avoid the sun before and after your treatment.

Natural Methods

There are a few natural or organic ways to remove hair if you aren’t interested in the above methods. This is not the best hair removal treatment, and it may not be as effective as some of the others.

However, drinking spearmint tea twice a day could slow down the speed your hair grows. This method is not permanent and could take a long time to see results.


There are different risks for different hair removal methods. There is always a chance that your skin will be irritated, and you may see redness. Infections aren’t common, but you are leaving your skin exposed, so it is possible.

To reduce risks with any method, it’s important to be in a clean environment, whether at your home, med spa, or doctor’s office. Following the instructions of professionals will also help reduce risks.

Hair Removal

As you can see, there are many ways to remove the hair on your body that you don’t want. It’s important that you take your time deciding which is the best for you. You can also try different methods until you find the best one.

Be sure to consider your skin type, financials, and possible time restraints. There are some that require more upkeep and some that require you to seek out a professional.

We’ve helped many people feel confident in their skin, and we can help you too. Don’t wait to contact us here with any questions you have about hair removal.

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