Sami has an international background in medicine. He earned his MD degree overseas and performed some of some of most complicated surgeries in the field of ophthalmology and surgery. He arrived in the US in 1991 with great hopes of using his international background to further assist patients in the US.

Sami completed his Fellowship at Harvard University in Ophthalmology and Immunology and his transitional internship in Surgery and Medicine at Brown University. While in his Residency in Neurology in New York State, Sami decided to go completely holistic and completed his Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program in Central New York.

The biggest complaint Sami hears from his patients is that their doctors don’t have time to listen to them and that the patient is unsure about the diagnosis which is usually accompanied by many prescriptions. In his practice, Sami takes the time to listen to his patients. He personally interviews his patients about their medical history to help find the right diagnosis and immediately start treatment. Usually, after the first session, his patients start to feel immediate relief.

Sami is also a Master Hypnotist and certified in Mental and Emotional Release (MER). With these skills, he has assisted many clients release negative experiences including grief from loss including death of a loved one, divorce, or loss of work, stress and anxiety, panic attacks, fear and phobias, PTSD, etc.

Sami is licensed in Acupuncture in both New York State and South Carolina.