Rejuvenate HHI is pleased to welcome Dirk Yow, BSc, as an Associate to our practice. Dirk is developer of the groundbreaking approach to restoring cellular pathways, opening circulatory channels, and renewing organ systems known as Precision Intestinal Oxidative Hydrotoning™.

Over his 40+ year career, Dirk has been led to study with, train under, achieve certification and/or apprentice in over 25 modalities, under some of the late, great pioneers of alternative medicine. Today Dirk continues to be guided by his spiritual vision, his commitment to drugless healing, and his respect for the restorative power of water and oxygen.

After many years of studying various drugless healing techniques and detoxification systems in the use of water via the colon, Yow’s research directed him towards the oxidative properties of allotropic oxygen and the potential in enabling the body to remove various toxic compounds and the breaking down of adhesion molecules. In 1995, Dirk observed and trained with Dr. William Turska, known as the “father of oxygen therapy in North America”. Later in 1998, Dirk was led to Germany to study medical ozone therapy by receiving his a/b Ozon Kurs certification with Dr. Renate Viebahn-Hansler in Baden-Baden Germany. With this information, along with years of practical application and scientific observation he was able to develop a water/oxygen-based regimen that can significantly lessen the body’s toxic load. Thru the application of Polyatomic Oxygen Mixtures, along with repeated sessions (known as PIOH intensives) often lead to a significant decrease of the toxic load in the body. According to the philosophy of drugless healing this may increase the person’s ability to deal with symptoms like tumors, abscesses, diverticulitis, heavy metal accumulation, heart congestion, and more. To date, hundreds of people have traveled across the country to see Dirk, sometimes spending months at a time, to experience the cumulative effects of PIOH™.

As every client of Dirk’s learns, PIOH is more than a therapeutic procedure: it is a stringent, medically based treatment infused with ceremonial intent to honor and respect the body’s inherent wisdom.

As a lecturer, researcher and clinician, and author of the medical biography, Wheels of Wellness, Dirk is committed to passing his knowledge to future generations. To ensure that legacy, he founded the White Heron PIOH™ Institute to serve as both a clinic and teaching facility. PIOH is performed in a safe and confidential environment where each person is guided and encouraged to explore their unique path toward balance and sustained optimal health. Dirk Yow will be teaching his methods at the new home within Rejuvenate, Hilton Head.

Dirk’s calling as a clinician and researcher is evident in his meticulous documentation and the understanding that each client has something to teach. Dirk also curates a library of rare, printed materials on natural health and hygiene, colonic irrigation, oxygen and the history of Drugless Healing.

“Like the vast firmament of stars in the night sky, the act of healing means finding the right constellation rather than one particular star. The path to wellness isn’t a solo effort or one specific practice; it is the collective guidance and support from a broad spectrum of health professionals and the modalities they offer.”
(excerpt from Wheels of Wellness)