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Many people suffer today because their health care providers focus on treatment more than prevention, and on symptoms more than complete persons.

You are not a collection of symptoms, and you are important before you are sick. Reactionary medicine is a business – and pharmaceuticals drive that business. Perhaps because of that, many doctors are simply not trained in proactive approaches and are taught to eschew what is referred to as “alternative medicine” or complementary medical care.

Healthcare in the United States is the most expensive in the world; of course, patients would be looking for an alternative.

That’s where we come in. At Hilton Head Integrative Medical Clinic, we provide our patients with experts in conventional and alternative medicine, and we ensure that our team is trained to approach every problem not as a symptomatic issue, but as a holistic one.

What is holistic medicine?

A holistic medicine practitioner approaches patients differently than a conventional physician might. Holistic medicine is both science and philosophy, and in many ways, the philosophy is the more important of the two.

Holistic practitioners are taught to regard a person as a whole, rather than a sum of parts. Your body is made up of parts, to be sure, but they are interconnected, not merely connected, and those intimate interconnections cannot be understood without zooming out to the big picture.

We integrate modern medicine with alternative therapies, using both in equal measure, to promote full-body health and wellness, to prevent and treat disease, and to ensure that our patients’ bodies, minds, and spirits are whole and healthy.

Treat the whole person, not a symptom.

As an example, our holistic approach often involves helping patients bolster their immune system. That system of antibodies and white blood cells within you often go completely ignored – that is, until you are actually sick.

How would a conventional medical care provider react? More than likely, they will react by performing a perfunctory physical examination, and then prescribe antibiotics to treat an unproven bacterial infection.

That is reactive and often wasted. How often will that infection turn out to be viral rather than bacterial? When that happens, doctors and patients are both helping to create antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains.

At Hilton Head Integrative Medical Clinic, we don’t believe in reacting. We believe in helping our patients prepare their bodies. We work to boost the immune system and prevent infection.

Complementary Medical Care and the “Best of Both Worlds” Approach

At Hilton Head, we don’t believe that conventional medicine is a bunch of lies. We don’t believe in ignoring scientific data. We simply understand that, unfortunately, conventional medicine is incomplete. In part, that is because it is so profit-driven – which is something we seek to change. In part, it is because it is reactive, rather than proactive, and offers patients only minimal information on preventive actions. In part, it is because conventional medical practitioners themselves sometimes close the door on any possibility of an alternative medicine solution.

We don’t close doors here. We explore every alternative available to our patients because we know that by exploring all possibilities, we increase the odds of finding real ways to help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness.