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Trust the most reliable integrative medicine practitioner to provide a complete second opinion for your medical condition. When should you seek a second opinion? At Hilton Head Integrative Medical Clinic, our health consultants field this question with astonishing frequency. Because our community is trained to look outside of conventional medical therapies for treatment plans and modalities that will help our patients, our second opinions are extremely valuable. Realistically, second opinions are likely to yield different diagnoses. According to a research study by the Mayo Clinic, two heads are always better than one. Over a period of two years, researchers found that a second opinion yielded a different or refined diagnosis a staggering 88% of the time. That means that nearly 9 in 10 people benefited from a fresh consult on their health and wellbeing. When should you seek a second opinion? Nearly always would seem to be an appropriate answer. Effective treatments, regardless of the nature of care required, depend on an accurate diagnosis. Once that diagnosis is relatively certain, the patient deserves the best integrative care available.

What To Expect From an Integrative, Holistic Health Consult

It has been the experience of many integrative medicine practitioners that conventional medicine can misdiagnose or fail to diagnose a patient because they are not looking at the whole person. Many factors can contribute to illness and disease, including environmental factors, social and mental factors, and other contributing factors that many healthcare providers are simply not trained to consider. At Hilton Head Integrative Medical Clinic, it can be assumed that a patient will not be seen as a symptom or a collection of symptoms, but as an entire person. Any consult with a Health Consultant here will involve a lengthier and more involved interview process than the patient might be accustomed to. Our practitioners and physicians are trained conventional medical therapies and methods but are also trained to utilize a different approach, one that might best be called comprehensive. A health consultant providing a second opinion will consider ways in which the patient’s body can help to heal itself, using minimally or noninvasive techniques, including supplements and nutraceuticals to promote self-healing. A patient’s body wants to be well – a consult may seek out roadblocks that are impeding healing and consider ways to remove them. A consult with Hilton Head will leave no stone unturned. As a partner in the Hilton Head community, HHIMC offers patients access to experts in a wide array of medical disciplines, from surgeons to naturopaths.

Healing More Than the Body

Many conventional physicians are trained to attack diseases and treat symptoms. They are not trained to see the patient as an entire being. Not only can that lead to difficulties with diagnosis, it can also lead to treatment plans that are short-sighted or incomplete. A medical intervention or health management plan, or any treatment at all, should consider all available factors, whether physical, social, mental, spiritual, or environmental. It should focus on complete care, and on partnering with the patient to aid that patient in caring for himself or herself. At Hilton Head Integrative Medical Clinic, our health consultant, Dr. Dekel offers a second opinion that is based on looking at the whole person, not merely the symptoms they present.